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Product Shooting for DENNIS LEE WATCHES

Photo Credit ©HDP-Photography

Photo Credit ©HDP-Photography

Dennis Lee Watches, is a watch company that allows you to showcase your sense of style.
Our timepieces encapsulate identity and offer a true sense of pride.

Made by passionate Dennis Lee Watches is launching a KickStarter Campaign this year ! Make sure to check them up and be part of the project!

Photography and Art direction: @Hdp-Photography

Lifestyle Photography Project with INVISII



INVISII is born from the desire to offer a new very comfortable and invisible way to wear lingerie. 
Targeted for people that care about themselves and work out on a regular basis, INVISII proposes to re invent underwear manufacture and came up with high end materials and comfort care products.

"At INVISII we believe that it’s ‘what’s underneath that counts’. Wearing the right underwear to workout in is just as important as the sneakers or sports bras in your gym bag.

So we created an underwear collection of styles and colors that uses the finest fabrics and latest construction techniques to make your next workout the best one yet."
(source: https://www.invisii.com/about/)

Check their products online and start shopping !

Product Shoot for Soundbrenner


The Soundbrenner Pulse is a wearable metronome that relays tempo to the musician or dancer through haptic vibration technology. The musician can control the setting of the wearable via a smartphone app. 

Official Website HERE
Facebook Page HERE

Product Shooting for la SANDWICHERIE Hong Kong

La Sandwicherie is a French Sandwich shop which uses premium ingredients coming from France , recipes are authentic and traditional .

An original and unique concept in Hong Kong offfering Top Range Quality sandwiches at the most competitive price !
Make sure you try it !

255 Queen's Road Central, SHEUNG WAN (Entrance on Hillier Street)
Hong Kong

HDP_PhotographyServices_La Sandwicherie_Product Shoot