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1 Day in Onomichi Japan together with Dom Pérignon & Vincent Chaperon

Sato Inland Sea - Hiroshima District

Sato Inland Sea - Hiroshima District

About Onomichi:
Onomichi (尾道) is a quaint town located along the Seto Inland Sea in eastern Hiroshima Prefecture. The town extends from the mainland across some of the neighboring islands, which are connected by the bridges of the Shimanami Kaido.

It is where Dom Pérignon has decided to introduce to its local guests the new Vintage Plénitude 2 P2 2002 release together with Vincent Chaperon, Dom Pérignon New Chef de Cave.

About Dom Pérignon P2 2002:
Dom Pérignon Vintage 2002 Plénitude 2 expresses confident, enhanced maturity. The assertive character of this wine now gives it genuine and authentic power; a delicate complexity woven through with freshness and minerality, coming together in a light texture. It conjures up pale gold, enhanced with the energy of light: radiant gold.

Located in Bella Vita Hotel - Onomichi - Guests are enjoying a unique experience

Located in Bella Vita Hotel - Onomichi - Guests are enjoying a unique experience

HDP Photography - Artistic Event Documentary - beyond photography, we are story tellers

HDP Photography - Artistic Event Documentary - beyond photography, we are story tellers

Interview for @Fotografiamo - Italian Photography Website

Fotografiamo Interview

Fotografiamo Interview

Fotografiamo is an Italian based Photography blog created by 3 Italian photographers, Rodolfo Felici, Gianluca Laurentini and Alessandro Fabiani.

Official website HERE
Instagram HERE

They are passionate about photography and talk about different topics, technicals, inspirational
Understand our story via their interview:

I know you're from Toulouse, France. What brought you to settle in Hong Kong? Has you been living there for a long time? Were you already practicing as a photographer when you decided to move?
My previous job offered me a position in Asia, based in HK.
After 6 years working in the telecommunications industry, I decided to setup my own company, doing photography.
I guess I was looking for new challenges and wanted to try something on my own. Photography came out as no surprise, since I was really hooked at the time.

Does being a European help you in any way in the profession? Does it make you look at things with a different look? Do your creations taste exotic to your customers?
HK is an international place but it is really hard to survive here. Cost of leaving is insane. Good thing is that is you try hard you can make it happen, step by step.
It took me roughly 3 years to make my business take off, and I still struggle somedays !
I guess what helps me the most is my sense of Sales and Marketing I learnt in my previous position. 
Not only the artistic aspect is important when being a photographer, you really need to think as an entrepreneur. 

I know Hong Kong only from the movies and stories of dear friends that have been there. I know it is the most European city in China, and that is very different from the rest of the country. Could you tell us what was your first impression once you got there? I guess it's a chaotic city, but ideal for street photography.
For sure HK is an Iconic city, extremely photogenic. Beautiful, chaotic, contrasty, full of colours. 
It mixes nature and city in a confined area, it's really something. Over the years you still discover new faces of HK. So Far I must say I love it.
Street photographers would certainly have a lot of fun here, you can still get that "genuine Street" feeling in some areas of the city.

Your works range from portraits, to architectural photos, lifestyle, still life and events, but also to fine art prints and street photography. Would you define yourself as an eclectic photographer? Is there a huge demand for images in Hong Kong? Is there a great interest in art photography?
At first I only wanted to be an artist and live out of my art photography by selling prints. However, I guess I was too less experimented in that field and most certainly wasn't mature enough in terms of body of work, I had and I still am looking for my own style. 
This said, I decided to focus on commercial photography instead and leave the personal projects aside, only for my own love and pleasure. 

Commercial photography is tough, extremely competitive and there are tons of photographers in the market. 
I guess and as I said, it's a constant battle on how to renew your style and offers. How do you understand the business. 
New Marketing strategies are changing every seconds, this drives new medias to be used, new formats, you need to work faster and adapt yourself to your customer's needs at any time. 

Art Photography on the other hand is taking off slowly, with new dedicated galleries offering fine art or Asian Artist.
We also see the emerging of new affordable photography galleries (international franchise). Problem is space, since HK leavings are really tiny. Only the super rich can afford a decent flat, hence decoration and art doesn't necessary comes as a priority for most people.

What kind of equipment do you use? I know you love classic as well as digital photography. Do you think that the instrument and the technology used influence the message or the way of working?
Lately I've started to shoot 35mm film with a Canon AE1 that I bought in Japan during my last trip there. 
I reckon this has been a rebirth to me. I've completely changed my approach of taking pictures for myself. Taking the time and not being constraint to any kind of style. I just shoot what I feel. 
I mostly develop rolls myself and started darkroom with enlargers for prints.
I guess slowing down is the key and film has helped me a lot in that sense.
I also snap with my Iphone, I found at that being a better photographer is all about experimentations and awareness, No matter the camera, try just to always have one with you!
(you can check my IG: @harolddp)

For commercial work I mostly use Canon digital camera and prime lenses.
For post production the classic bundle Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture1.

I guess technology helps for productivity and quality of work of course. Now I've stopped investing to much in gear. I've realised that the less you have and the more creative you'll become. It's not about the gear really, plus you need to be careful with your money and it may be worth investing in different fields rather than on gear (marketing, staff. office etc..) 

How is your photo studio equipped? Do you prefer to shoot in the studio or work outdoors?

Most of the time I work on Location. I do have a small studio where I shoot portrait and still life. I've got a few lights and all types of backdrops and stands.
But I reckon being on the field is what I prefer doing.


In what direction is the world of photography in China going? Are there photography schools, or a visual arts tradition to refer to? Could you suggest to our readers some young Chinese artist to keep an eye on?
I don't know much about art schools or digital art school in china.
For commercial photography the most famous photographer is Chen Man.
Chinese artist are becoming trendy, with good sense of creativity, there are for sure worth following to understand this part of the world better.

I imagine that photography is a work for you but also a path of personal research. What does it represent for you and your life? Has photography ever opened you unexpected doors, or changed the way you see things?
Honestly it's been really hard, but I got lucky enough and I today can live out of photography. I need to work hard everyday, but with time I made new connections and partnerships, people are trusting my work and I could not be more happy. 
My ultimate goal is to feel free of my actions, this has a price of course, especially here in HK.

Get On Board With ASIA MARINE Aberdeen Club Hong Kong

Photo Credit ©HDP-Photography

Photo Credit ©HDP-Photography

Our Last Photography Production in collaboration with ASIA MARINE HONG KONG, the 1st Yatch Retailer and Leasing company in Hong Kong.

Located in More than 8 countries around Asia, ASIA MARINE offers a wild range of luxurious vessels.

"With over 20 years expertise in the boating industry, Asia Marine provides a professional management service. Our highly trained engineers and crew will keep your yacht well maintained and get the best performance possible.

Taking the stress of yacht ownership off you so you can spend your time enjoying your investment." (source: http://www.asiamarine.com/hkg/management/

New Caudalie Boutique in Hong Kong Gough Street



Caudalie, French Cosmetic brand opens its new Spa Boutique store in the Heart of Hong Kong!

100% re-designed, this unique boutique / spa concept offers a full range of premium natural cosmetic products along with personal treatments for your body.
Book a session for a unique experience in a cosy and relaxing environment. 

Check more about Caudalie:
Official web

All photographs taken by HDP-PHOTOGRAPHY 



Launch of LITLLE STARTERS - New online shop for kidsWear

photo Credit ©hdp-photography

photo Credit ©hdp-photography

Little Starters is a new concept / online store for kidswear. 
Mixing original and creative patterns together with comfortable and top notch fabrics, Little starters will propose you some fashionable clothes and accessories for your kids.

The Concept?
A New customized box with 7 pieces comes out every month !
Purchase the box, receive it and dress your kids like a rock star !

check Little Starters online HERE
Each box is customized with 7 pieces – a couple of our favorite basics and latest mix & match items of the month. The average price is only $12.50 per item if you keep the entire box!

HDP Photographer has collaborated with Little starters to work on some creative retail photography for their online store.


photo credit ©hdp-photography

photo credit ©hdp-photography

Editorial Shooting with Cindy Ko - @Cindiddy

Photo Credit: Http://www.hdp-photographyservices.com

Photo Credit: Http://www.hdp-photographyservices.com

Cindy Ko AKA Cindiddy is a well established lifestyle /  Fashion and traveller blogger.
How she describes herself:

"I login everyday to the same username and password but looking back i’ve been mindlessly doing this for the past three years. The blog and i have reached a place where i can open up to it, without worries of other people’s judgement. A bond, maybe. Hopefully in another three years we’ll be able to take us and our readers to a whole other level."


Cindy came to our studio in Tai Hang for an Editorial shooting, working together with Stutter.Hen as a Stylist and Gabbie Lee for Make up, we recreated Cindy an original and non conventional look. 
From a dreamy mermaidish look to something more focus on her personality and portrait.

Photographer / Light and Editing: @hdpphotography
Stylist: @Stutter.hen
Make up: 
Model: @cindiddy

You can check Cindy's instagram account HERE and her offical Blog HERE


Dry Fruits - A brand new concept landing in HK

Photo credits: Http://www.hdp-photographyservices.com

Photo credits: Http://www.hdp-photographyservices.com

welcome to a new way of enjoying pure, natural and wholesome california fruit.
just sliced and dried, we almost did you a favor and made eating fruit more tempting,
more exiting and simply easier. fruits anytime, anywhere.

Soon Available in Hong Kong !
Stay tuned


Editorial Shooting for Polaris Hong Kong !

Polaris Photo Credit Http://www.hdp-photographyservices.com

Photo Credit Http://www.hdp-photographyservices.com


POLARIS is the pioneer of whole body cryotherapy and LED light therapy in Asia. We are committed to enhancing people’s lives by developing significant innovations in the wellness and beauty sector.

Opening its doors in mid May 2016, POLARIS is the first and only cryotherapy centre in Hong Kong.

Composit Pack Shot Estée Lauder

Composit image requires independant shots of all products that we bundle together in post for the best result 



Estee Lauder - leader in Luxury cosmetics products

Website HERE