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Corporate & Casual Headshots with Jenny

This Week we welcome Jenny at HDP's studio for a Portrait session including #corporate #Headshots and #Casual #Portraits !

Jenny is an entrepreneur and work as a professional image consultant.

For this session we use 2 kind of moods, a natural and bright one and another more moody and artistic, converting photographs in Black and White to enforce the artistic style

Editorial Shooting for Polaris Hong Kong !

Polaris Photo Credit Http://www.hdp-photographyservices.com

Photo Credit Http://www.hdp-photographyservices.com


POLARIS is the pioneer of whole body cryotherapy and LED light therapy in Asia. We are committed to enhancing people’s lives by developing significant innovations in the wellness and beauty sector.

Opening its doors in mid May 2016, POLARIS is the first and only cryotherapy centre in Hong Kong.

Corporate Headshot with Calvin form Oracle Hong Kong

HDP-Photographyservices.com_Corporate_Headshots_Hong Kong

Simple 1 Light Setup for this Corporate look with Calvin. 
Using a strip box from Elichrom on the over head and a reflector to bounce the light back in a soft manner to keep some dramatic look !

A Grey seamless backdrop at around 2 meter far from the subject.
Camera on tripod and 2 lenses, a 50 mm 1.4 as well as a 100 m Macro L 2.8


Creative Shooting with Hyomin

Hyomin is a certified personal trainer based in Hong Kong. She has been running outdoor training groups since last year but recently just decided to open this page to reach out more people who are interested in getting fitter. 

It's not about competing with others. It's all about being better than you were yesterday. 

She's a really self motivated person, humble and very professional. 
So do not hesitate to reach her out for some personal training program !

Her instagram
Her facebook Page



Credits @Hdp-photographyservices.com

d'Auchel Maison & Atelier - Luxury Handcrafter Handbags opens in Hong Kong

D'AUCHEL is a one-of-a-kind sensory experience for the discerning woman of taste: a handbag that is personal, truly authentic, and quintessential luxury. Entirely French-crafted with French materials, in Hong Kong.

For this project we've assisted Atelier d'Auchel to create all visuals from product shoot to mood shoot, fashion, architectural and portraiture. 
A great collaboration that led to professional visuals, expressing the essence of d'Auchel's philosophy: excellence.

Product Shooting in Studio All rights reserved & Copyright  ©  HDP-photographyservices.com

Product Shooting in Studio
All rights reserved & Copyright © HDP-photographyservices.com

Mood Shots - Retail & Catalogue All rights reserved & Copyright  ©  HDP-photographyservices.com

Mood Shots - Retail & Catalogue
All rights reserved & Copyright © HDP-photographyservices.com

Olivier d'Auchez - Founder o Altelier d'Auchel All rights reserved & Copyright  ©  HDP-photographyservices.com

Olivier d'Auchez - Founder o Altelier d'Auchel
All rights reserved & Copyright © HDP-photographyservices.com

Professional Portraiture with Danielle !

This time we go for a smooth and very soft lightning setup with Danielle, in order to  bring the best out of her personality !
Danielle just launched her company in HK and offers Coaching services to professionals, managers and top employees. 

She won the Headshot price from HDP-Photographyservices.com during the Women on Board event set by the Hong Kong French Chamber !

Congrats Danielle !