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Creative Product shooting together with @STUTTER HEN creative director

Credit: Http://www.hdp-photographyservices.com

Credit: Http://www.hdp-photographyservices.com

"HDP Photography partners with Stutter Hen for Art Direction Campaigns.

The creative team from South of France brings a glimpse of the French style into multi-cultural Hong Kong.

In a Digital Age where imagery has become the number 1 priority in your campaigns and content communication efforts, we ensure that your visual identity strikes and remains in your clients minds.  

Being more sensitive to visuals, colors and shapes, consumption trend is to buy more based on aesthetic.
Our ambition is to create attractivebeautiful and impactful imagery that will drive engagement and attract your shoppers and potential buyers. 

Going beyond classic photography and revealing your products under a new light, we elaborate tailored made stories addressing your specific needs.  

We combine imaginative work with the reality of your market to deliver unique and memorable contents

Respectful of deadlines and engaging in all aspects of the workflow, we manage your project from production to final artwork delivery."

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photo credits: http://www.hdp-photographyservices.com

photo credits: http://www.hdp-photographyservices.com

Creative Shooting with Hyomin

Hyomin is a certified personal trainer based in Hong Kong. She has been running outdoor training groups since last year but recently just decided to open this page to reach out more people who are interested in getting fitter. 

It's not about competing with others. It's all about being better than you were yesterday. 

She's a really self motivated person, humble and very professional. 
So do not hesitate to reach her out for some personal training program !

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Credits @Hdp-photographyservices.com